Like I said last night, Kraft will NOT appeal, he will not sue and Brady’s appeal amounts to a conciliatory plead for leniency in his suspension.

This thing is over, it just takes someone who makes millions to make it official. Read the tea leaves, connect the dots or use whatever gets you through the day.

It’s OVER!


The dust has settled and the Pats and Brady have lost the PR war. Expect them to stay quiet until they figure out a way to save face and eventually capitulate.

The NFLPA and Kessler have provided some cover, but now there is no place to hide. This thing is over. Kraft’s not gonna appeal and Brady’s appeal is just a cry for a reduced penalty.

All parties are figuring out what language is most palpable to the fans and media, who will realize that Brady and Kraft have just been venting. Bottom line, it over.

Notice that all the flame-throwing has stopped from the Brady camp since they put a muzzle on Don Yee. I guess he thought he would scare people with his rhetoric. Well, he did scare people. He scared his client enough to get canned.

As Brady’s agent, he hasn’t had to work for a living. Anybody could represent a top QB like Brady. Automatically, you’re not gonna have to put up with typical negotiation haggling. His scorched earth tactics have made it very hard for Brady’s new lead attorney & the NFLPA to appear reasonable.

Now every Brady & Pats move just looks desperate. Don Yee is, well … done. We’ve heard the last of him. In sports parlance, he’s been BENCHED.

So now, it’s been established that manipulating equipment is not new. The issue here is that game ball specifications are in the rulebook and somebody tampered with the balls after the refs OK’d them for play. Every player may try to get a competitive advantage, but when it bucks against the rulebook, don’t get caught.

I predict Kessler will try to settle this matter ASAP as quietly as possible, effectively throwing “himself on the mercy of the court”. They will attempt to negotiate reduced penalty because as it stands, The NFL has all the cards.

Why on earth would they wanna prevent these two fellas they suspended (without pay) from shouting the truth from the mountaintops, for all to hear?

Even if they did sign an agreement, it would very difficult to uphold in court. Judges don’t take kindly to documents signed by parties that are clearly not equals, especially when the dominating party represented by teams of attorneys and the weak party stands alone.

Also, the Pats will have to prove they were fired (that’s what a suspension sans pay amounts to) with cause. That means they did something wrong, which means they tampered with the footballs, which leads right back to the doorsteps of the Pats.

Hard to imagine a judge holding them to an employment contract after they’ve been summarily fired, with their source of income gone. You’d be surprised how many attorney’s would jump at the opportunity to make a name for themselves by defending such a case.

Just another transparent threat to scare people from revealing the truth. Imagine the public outcry, if the Pats sued them to keep quiet. What a PR nightmare that would be.

Nah, Schneider is no dummy. Before the first kickoff, Russell Wilson will be the highest paid player in the NFL because he has earned it.

Anything less is an insult to anyone who has watched the NFL the past 3 years. We’ve been told that the Seahawks are prepared to the inevitable day when they would have to pay Wilson.

Now it’s that time. Since he hit the league, no QB has been better, using whatever metrics that gets you to wins. If wins are what you play for (can you hear coach Herm), then pay the man and get on with the quest to win.

Coach Belichick just had his “I’m not a crook” declaration, much like impeached president Nixon, who forever stained the office. He’s right up there with world criminal Dick ChainHe, in his disdain for rules. You simply can’t believe a word he says.

Think about it: A NFL QB has made it to the top by doing their thing better than anyone else. Their job, like a surgeon, is based on precision.

To perform a successful surgery, every surgeon must have his operating room and tools exactly how he likes them. He goes through every precaution to make sure that happens. The same can be said about an NFL QB. They want things perfect.

The Pats want us to believe that in that controlled environment, Brady and his position group can’t tell if they are entering the operating room with a scalpel or a hatchet.

Doesn’t pass the smell test. The balls started out where Brady claims he likes them @ 12.5 psi. That means they ended up around 10.5 psi. or 16% lower. That’s equivalent to handing a surgeon a steak knife and saying get busy.

It’s hard not to look at this as Denver/Seattle II. It just looks that way on paper. An old stationary QB is target practice for the flesh-eating Seahawks, just like Peyton.

The key to the Pats offense is whether the Seahawks can bring pressure with only a 4 man rush. If they can, this will be over by half time. If not, it will last a little longer. Blount can be a factor, but not enough of one. They just played his twin last week, in Lacy. Not much happened for him.

The only way Gronk is a factor, will be if the refs give him some calls. Otherwise, he will be neutralized, if not broken up by Kam and the LBs. With regulation footballs and an undaunting pass rush, Brady will throw high and into the dirt. Expect a poor game from him, as he passes the elite QB torch to last year’s winning QB.

Revis Island has been invaded lately. He’ll be a non factor. Two NE defensive guys give concern and they are Wilfolk and Collins. There are many advantages for the Seahawks, starting with familiarity of the stadium they play in every year. Then there’s the mobility of Russell Wilson, who is unmatched in that department. The Pats just don’t see mobile QBs on their schedule. The last one was Aaron Rodgers, who beat them. Last year they played against Cam and Wilson, losing both times. Wilson beat them with 3 TD passes and not his legs.

In that game, the Hawks shut down the run game and had 2 ints against Brady, who threw 58 times. They had 85 plays to SEA’s 55. I might change my mind, but unless the Hawks give the ball away 3-4 times, this one will look like last year’s game. This year’s Seahawks team is better than last year’s. I expect the Pats to force the run game this time. Oh, and the Hawks will be ready for the funky formations.