qdog112 says:Jun 11, 2015 12:28 PM

“Break the bank” or they could wait to see if he ever wins anything. For years I have heard slights of other young QBs, who had great numbers, get slammed because, “it’s all about the record of wins and losses”.

Now with Luck, they have moved the goal posts, so he can be crowned without the same measuring stick as others. For 3 years he’s been at the top of the class in turnovers and sports a 9/12 TD/INT record in the playoffs.

Andrew is a smart young man and knows he’s not worthy of all the hype (at least not yet). But I guess if you’ve invested your entire prediction cred on him and Johnny Football, you beg to right 50% of the time.

Let the kid play and stop all the walk on water stuff. The money will be there.