qdog112 says:May 19, 2015 7:00 PM

Funny how now people are bashing the NFLPA for their tactics, when they are playing the hand they were dealt. Those are the same people who thought Kessler would come in, guns ablazin’ to take the NFL down.

They’re also the same people who blamed the players for the owners’ lockout, demanding they make a deal and get back to the field. Strange how fans always side with the billionaires against the employees.

Anyway, you’re right, the CBA allows Goodell to do what he’s doing, but don’t dump it in Smith’s lap, when everybody was against him holding out for a better deal. Brady’s position was hurt by Don Yee, not De Smith.

Yee came out hurling grenades that turned out to be duds and his blazing guns were loaded with blanks. That’s on Brady, not the NFLPA.