Notice that all the flame-throwing has stopped from the Brady camp since they put a muzzle on Don Yee. I guess he thought he would scare people with his rhetoric. Well, he did scare people. He scared his client enough to get canned.

As Brady’s agent, he hasn’t had to work for a living. Anybody could represent a top QB like Brady. Automatically, you’re not gonna have to put up with typical negotiation haggling. His scorched earth tactics have made it very hard for Brady’s new lead attorney & the NFLPA to appear reasonable.

Now every Brady & Pats move just looks desperate. Don Yee is, well … done. We’ve heard the last of him. In sports parlance, he’s been BENCHED.

So now, it’s been established that manipulating equipment is not new. The issue here is that game ball specifications are in the rulebook and somebody tampered with the balls after the refs OK’d them for play. Every player may try to get a competitive advantage, but when it bucks against the rulebook, don’t get caught.

I predict Kessler will try to settle this matter ASAP as quietly as possible, effectively throwing “himself on the mercy of the court”. They will attempt to negotiate reduced penalty because as it stands, The NFL has all the cards.