Why on earth would they wanna prevent these two fellas they suspended (without pay) from shouting the truth from the mountaintops, for all to hear?

Even if they did sign an agreement, it would very difficult to uphold in court. Judges don’t take kindly to documents signed by parties that are clearly not equals, especially when the dominating party represented by teams of attorneys and the weak party stands alone.

Also, the Pats will have to prove they were fired (that’s what a suspension sans pay amounts to) with cause. That means they did something wrong, which means they tampered with the footballs, which leads right back to the doorsteps of the Pats.

Hard to imagine a judge holding them to an employment contract after they’ve been summarily fired, with their source of income gone. You’d be surprised how many attorney’s would jump at the opportunity to make a name for themselves by defending such a case.

Just another transparent threat to scare people from revealing the truth. Imagine the public outcry, if the Pats sued them to keep quiet. What a PR nightmare that would be.