Coach Belichick just had his “I’m not a crook” declaration, much like impeached president Nixon, who forever stained the office. He’s right up there with world criminal Dick ChainHe, in his disdain for rules. You simply can’t believe a word he says.

Think about it: A NFL QB has made it to the top by doing their thing better than anyone else. Their job, like a surgeon, is based on precision.

To perform a successful surgery, every surgeon must have his operating room and tools exactly how he likes them. He goes through every precaution to make sure that happens. The same can be said about an NFL QB. They want things perfect.

The Pats want us to believe that in that controlled environment, Brady and his position group can’t tell if they are entering the operating room with a scalpel or a hatchet.

Doesn’t pass the smell test. The balls started out where Brady claims he likes them @ 12.5 psi. That means they ended up around 10.5 psi. or 16% lower. That’s equivalent to handing a surgeon a steak knife and saying get busy.