qdog112 says:Jun 11, 2015 12:28 PM

“Break the bank” or they could wait to see if he ever wins anything. For years I have heard slights of other young QBs, who had great numbers, get slammed because, “it’s all about the record of wins and losses”.

Now with Luck, they have moved the goal posts, so he can be crowned without the same measuring stick as others. For 3 years he’s been at the top of the class in turnovers and sports a 9/12 TD/INT record in the playoffs.

Andrew is a smart young man and knows he’s not worthy of all the hype (at least not yet). But I guess if you’ve invested your entire prediction cred on him and Johnny Football, you beg to right 50% of the time.

Let the kid play and stop all the walk on water stuff. The money will be there.

qdog112 says:Jun 3, 2015 12:26 PM

iamkillerfin says:
Jun 3, 2015 9:56 AM
There is NO black superman, now that he’s paid he will slack just like they all do!!!
But there is a white one with a cape … oh my bad that’s a hood. Must be hard watching black kids excel on an even playing field.

How’s that segregation now, segregation ta-marra & segregation fa-eva working out for ya?

Congrats Cam! This kid took all the stereotypical garbage spewed by all the “fair and balanced” fans, and fed it back to them.

All the Jamarcus Newton, Fig Newton, Scam Newton, Al Sharpton Newton, Obama Newton-hating fans, who were CERTAIN he would fail, can now move on to Russel Wilson-Newton, Geno Newton or RG3 Newton, to rant about how they’re not worthy.

Cam doesn’t need to justify getting paid with a Super Bowl win, anymore than anyone else. He’s already earned his payday. Besides, that guy Russell Wilson-Newton has one and Luck doesn’t. Don’t hear anyone saying Luck needs one to justify getting paid.

qdog112 says:Jun 1, 2015 12:14 PM

Stephen Hill represents the only one with the size and speed to scare defenses. If only he can catch the ball and Proehl can get his route-running correct … he can be a beast.

It appears Benjamin & Funchess are the same guy, big, slow and raw. I’d like to see those two, with Ginn, Hill, Cotchery, Boykin and Brown make it. I’m sure Bersin will be in the mix.

With this group, they’ll probably keep 7, but somebody good will go home.

qdog112 says:May 20, 2015 3:48 PM

BREAKING: Tom Brady will withdraw his appeal before the end of the week, boys and girls. The Pats need this thing off the front page and Brady’s people are just going through the procedure along with the NFLPA, until they can find an honorable way to shut it down.

Those thinking court, should think again. This thing is over. Goodell is giving Brady a chance to come, hat in hand, and make a personal plea. Short of that, nothing to see here.

qdog112 says:May 19, 2015 7:00 PM

Funny how now people are bashing the NFLPA for their tactics, when they are playing the hand they were dealt. Those are the same people who thought Kessler would come in, guns ablazin’ to take the NFL down.

They’re also the same people who blamed the players for the owners’ lockout, demanding they make a deal and get back to the field. Strange how fans always side with the billionaires against the employees.

Anyway, you’re right, the CBA allows Goodell to do what he’s doing, but don’t dump it in Smith’s lap, when everybody was against him holding out for a better deal. Brady’s position was hurt by Don Yee, not De Smith.

Yee came out hurling grenades that turned out to be duds and his blazing guns were loaded with blanks. That’s on Brady, not the NFLPA.

Let me be first to say, I told you so. The funny thing is how Pats fans view capitulation as proof the NFL has folded. I told you days ago that this thing was over and that Kraft would not appeal.

He understands he’s in a position of weakness. Maybe it just took the glares and whispers of 31 equals for him to realize that his “acting out” didn’t just affect his team, but the other 31 as well.

Next up, Brady pleads through Kessler and the NFLPA for a reduced penalty, which will also be viewed as a GREAT VICTORY by the clarity challenged. Court is out of the question and the appeal may even be withdrawn after the owners’ meeting. They’ve had enough of the circus.

Like I said last night, Kraft will NOT appeal, he will not sue and Brady’s appeal amounts to a conciliatory plead for leniency in his suspension.

This thing is over, it just takes someone who makes millions to make it official. Read the tea leaves, connect the dots or use whatever gets you through the day.

It’s OVER!

The dust has settled and the Pats and Brady have lost the PR war. Expect them to stay quiet until they figure out a way to save face and eventually capitulate.

The NFLPA and Kessler have provided some cover, but now there is no place to hide. This thing is over. Kraft’s not gonna appeal and Brady’s appeal is just a cry for a reduced penalty.

All parties are figuring out what language is most palpable to the fans and media, who will realize that Brady and Kraft have just been venting. Bottom line, it over.

Notice that all the flame-throwing has stopped from the Brady camp since they put a muzzle on Don Yee. I guess he thought he would scare people with his rhetoric. Well, he did scare people. He scared his client enough to get canned.

As Brady’s agent, he hasn’t had to work for a living. Anybody could represent a top QB like Brady. Automatically, you’re not gonna have to put up with typical negotiation haggling. His scorched earth tactics have made it very hard for Brady’s new lead attorney & the NFLPA to appear reasonable.

Now every Brady & Pats move just looks desperate. Don Yee is, well … done. We’ve heard the last of him. In sports parlance, he’s been BENCHED.

So now, it’s been established that manipulating equipment is not new. The issue here is that game ball specifications are in the rulebook and somebody tampered with the balls after the refs OK’d them for play. Every player may try to get a competitive advantage, but when it bucks against the rulebook, don’t get caught.

I predict Kessler will try to settle this matter ASAP as quietly as possible, effectively throwing “himself on the mercy of the court”. They will attempt to negotiate reduced penalty because as it stands, The NFL has all the cards.